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Wax78 Physic laboratory

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About #

This software allow you to experiment physic engine (Phys2D in this case) in realtime.
It’s based on the nice Phys2D library written in java.

You can create interactivly :

  • All kind of body/shape (box, circle, gear, etc) and put it inside a physically simulated world (Gravitiy, collision, ….).
  • Multiple kinds of joint to link body together.
  • Save/Load the current world.

Display #

You got two windows.

  • Parameters editor:

  • North Panel : Create bodies and joints parameters

  • South Left : Joints list of parameters.

  • South Right : Current selection of bod(y/ies) parameters.

  • World visulisation.

Commandes #

In the World visualisation window:

  • Left click : Select bodies, create joint, create body, depending on the mode

  • Middle Click :

  • Right Click : Select the body.

  • WheelMouse : Allow to change mode (display in the upper right corner of the visu window) :

    • Create_Body : Create a body. Its size will the mouse drag distance. You can create : Box, circle, gear, …
    • Edit_Body : Click left select body and display his properties on the parameters frame.
    • Create_Joint : Link bodies together with the selected joints. (Distance, basic, spring, …)
    • Fountaint : Create a lot of body while dragging mouse boutton left.
    • Fountain_Linked : Create a lot of body while dragging mouse boutton left. These bodies are connected together with the selected link type. (you can create chain, monkeybridge, …)

Demos downloads #

Latest version

Screenshots #

Videos #

Download the MOV #1 video. Download the MOV #2 video.

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