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Development Java GUI Generator Swing
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About #

This library aimed to generated swing interface base on introspection and annotation of DTOs.

It’s based on the experience i made called OBJ2GUI see or here

Generation is based on variables annotations with multiple parameters, helping to design more sophisticated GUI.

Works as simple as it needs only some lines of code to generate a “JPanel” reflecting an objects where variables becomes viewable/editable.

All input controls are normally done automatically to forbid bad input of the user avoiding developer headache. (eg : Textfield binded to an Integer : user shouldn’t be allowed to put non digit characters).

The difference with OBJ2GUI is that OBJ2GUI2 can support collection of Object instead of just one Object. Thus showing difference if variable have different values, and letting user set the value of the last selected object to all object in the selection.

GitHub link #

Source code is available in GitHub



Maven repository #

Find all version here

Import Maven #

<!-- -->

Import Graddle #

implementation 'io.github.warnotte:obj2gui2:1.1.6'

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