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Development Software NoobSynth Modular Music
Table of Contents

About #

Modular Synthethisor with graphic interface + hard/soft remote control (telecommande on 8255, interfaced on a distant PC). He allows creating any kinds of synthethisor by the overlap of various modules one in another.

Synthethiseur modulaire avec interface graphique + controle a distance soft/materiel (telecommande sur 8255,interfacée sur un PC distant & NoteDetector). Il permet de creer toute sortes de synthethiseur par l’imbrication de divers modules les uns dans les autres.

Contents #

  • Synthesizer editor/player.
    • Remote Connection.
    • Include :
        • KEYBOARD:
        • SEQUENCEUR:
        • SAMPLER: WAV/MP3/OGG/… Player
        • VCO: Oscillator Generation
        • MULTI_VCO: Multiple OSC Generation
        • FAKE303: Like the TB303 :) (must have)
        • VCA: A simple Enveloppe follower
      • FILTERS
        • VCF: A 7 Type Filter (Low,High,Notch, BandPass, LowShelf, HighShelf).
        • VCF303: A 303 VCF hack.
        • FORMANT_VCF: A Vowel Filter for A E I U O
        • CONSTANTE: Can hold a Constante variable
        • BASIC_OPERATION: Can make mathematical operation
        • DISPLAYER: Can draw at screen
        • VARIABLE: Can Hold a value in variable, like a variable
      • IO
        • MIXER: …
        • MICRO: Act as the micro input (or the actual chosen recording device)
        • SOUND_IN: Simulate a Generator Input
        • SOUND_OUT: Simulate a Generator Output
        • GENERATOR: That will contain everything (vco, vcf, generators)
      • EFFECTS
        • SFX_DELAY: Variable Delay with a ring buffer (use with mixer to wet/dry)
        • PHASER: Classic Phaser Effect
  • Polyphonic synthesizer player.
    • Remote Connection.
    • 6 Voices Polyphony.
  • Remote NoteDetector.
    • Usefull to tune guitar or instrument.
    • Can be used as an “instrument keyboard” inside Wsyplayer or Editor.
  • Skin designer.

Description of modules #

OUTSortie #

Output du circuit vers le buffer audio


Generateur de signal de differents type
[Sinus, Triangle, Sawtooth, Noise, Pulse]


Controleur d’enveloppe (Attack,Decay, Sustain,Release)


Filtre avec 7 Type (Low, High, Band, Notch, …)


Additionne les sources sonores


Generateur de son a partir de sample.


Keyboard avec memoires


Generateur de note pour les differents modules (VCO, SAMPLER, etc …)
ainsi que d’un TRIGGER(VCA, …)


Permet de brancher 2 instrument et d’effectuer divers operations mathematique (+-/*)
ou d’effectuer des tests (IF, <=, >, AND, OR, XOR, …) et meme de Switche 2 canaux.


Permet l’affichage de la valeur actuelement en entrée


Permet l’affichage de la manipulation de valeurs.


Permet d’utiliser une valeur numerique fixée et constante.


Permet de mettre des generateurs dans des generateurs (recursif).

Downloads #

Direct Link for Latest WIN32 Version of NoobSynth
Direct Link for Latest Linux Version of NoobSynth
Direct Link for All downloads of NoobSynth

Usage #

For recent windows, use compatibility mode using Windows XP SP2. But keep it mind that the software is unfortunately not stable…

Screenshots #

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