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  • SandFall game simulator

    About This program was inspired by this applet This program do the same trick as the original programm except i added : A way to add new particles with own properties. A Temperature system to change state of particle. A More powerfull interaction system beetwen particle. A Configuration system with XML to enable mods. U-pipe or any other system (communicating vase) (in version ==2.3) Download link Latest Version All Version ScreenShots Version before 2.6
  • Impressive Relighter

    About Midi control based video and relighter for animusic production based on still or animated pictures Download Videos
  • W Procedural Texture Generator

    About Procedural Texture Generator written in java using JNoobSynth modular architecture. (Yes it's an image synthesizer also ;) Downloads Pictures
  • Projet K8000

    My first references Libraries and software to use the Velleman K8000 and K8005 Velleman K8000 & Linux HOWTO Linux Home Automation Scalinet - Decortique la K8000 About Linux Polleur (K8000 to Events)    This little C code is a modification of Based version from    It permits to transform all I/O from K8000 Velleman board to Events.    All events are sent via a socket to clients all over network Java client (EventsToMidi)    There is also a event to Midi converter to enable you to make a Midi box linked to your k8000 (like this) Download link    Linux Polleur - Latest Version    Java Event to Midi - Latest Version
  • TB303/808 Emulator

    A fake 303 and little 808 emulator written in C++/ Download Sounds Samples
  • Wax78 Physic laboratory

    Phys2D Laboratory About This software allow you to experiment physic engine (Phys2D in this case) in realtime. It's based on the nice Phys2D library written in java. You can create interactivly : All kind of body/shape (box, circle, gear, etc) and put it inside a physically simulated world (Gravitiy, collision,....). Multiple kinds of joint to link body together. Save/Load the current world. Display : You got two windows. Parameters editor: North Panel : Create bodies and joints parameters South Left : Joints list of parameters. South Right : Current selection of bod(y/ies) parameters. World visulisation. Commandes : In the World visualisation window: Left click : Select bodies, create joint, create body, depending on the mode Middle Click : Right Click : Select the body. WheelMouse : Allow to change mode (display in the upper right corner of the visu window) : Create_Body : Create a body. Its size will the mouse drag distance. You can create : Box, circle, gear,... Edit_Body : Click left select body and...
  • Wax Midi Sequencer

    Standalone Midi sequenceur & MidiSampler for linux/windows written in java. This software allow you to control other audios softwares like synthesizers, samplers. 1 Standalone Audio Sampler with MIDI input included. Features : Piano Roll for sequence and partition edition. Music editor for putting sequence together on the 16 Midi channels. Four midi CC controls in step slider style A input of you sound card could be used to recognize a note your playing in, to help you build a sequence. A Midi able sampler to play samples with nice FX. (WaxSampler). Download version 0.4c
  • WBeatBoxer

    StandAlone BeatBox written in java for linux and windows Allow you to sequence and play samples. Samples could be automatically stretched to fit to the tempo. This project is abandonned, see Wax Sequencer and Sampler instead Download version 0.0.1c
  • NoobSynth

    NoobSynth is a modular synthesizer simulator project using SDL/Opengl and Fmod Manual Download ScreenShots Modular Synthethisor with graphic interface + hard/soft remote control (telecommande on 8255, interfaced on a distant PC). He allows creating any kinds of synthethisor by the overlap of various modules one in another. Synthethiseur modulaire avec interface graphique + controle a distance soft/materiel (telecommande sur 8255,interfacée sur un PC distant & NoteDetector). Il permet de creer toute sortes de synthethiseur par l'imbrication de divers modules les uns dans les autres.
  • JNoobSynth

    JNoobsynth is a polyphonic modular synthesizer written in java. This version is a sequel of Noobsynth.
  • WEBGL CTM File 3D Viewer

    CTM Viewer : MaisonDraft Bassin Syringes PipeULG NissanLowRes MyClio HomerSimpson !!!! You need a WebGL enabled browser in order to view something instead of a white screen !!!! !!!! If the model is all Black, uncheck the "Texturing" box. If it not working, that is because CTM file doesn t contains vertex colors
  • Electribulator

    Download French Polyphonisateur et transformateur d'electribe EMX-1 100% ecrit en Java et utilisant le protocole MIDI. Utilisant un controleur type clavier ou sequenceur externe a l'electribe pour jouer les notes et les recevoir dans le logiciel et les envoyer sur les 5 cannaux de l'electribe afin de polyphonisé tout cela. Permet également de rajouter un systeme complexe d'eneveloppe (VCAs), ainsi que plusieur modulateur (VCOs)assignable a tout les controle disponible en midi sur l'electribe (filtre cutoff, level, pan, resonnance,...). Systeme de presets pour creer et parametres d'un clique les sons de l'electribe avec un interface photorealiste ;) Chords systeme : Renvoyer plusieurs notes au lieu d'une seule. Arpegiator Il n'est plus nécessaire de toucher a l'electribe tout peut se faire maintenant de votre clavier midi et de votre pc a l'aide de quelques cliques. Il est possible aussi de piloter le programme (au niveau preset ainsi que pour tester le son en monophonique) avec les roulettes et keyboard de...


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