Wax78 Physic laboratory

Phys2D Laboratory

This software allow you to experiment physic engine (Phys2D in this case) in realtime.
It's based on the nice Phys2D library written in java.

You can create interactivly :
  • All kind of body/shape (box, circle, gear, etc) and put it inside a physically simulated world (Gravitiy, collision, ....).
  • Multiple kinds of joint to link body together.
  • Save/Load the current world.

Display :

You got two windows.
  • Parameters editor:
    • North Panel : Create bodies and joints parameters
    • South Left : Joints list of parameters.
    • South Right : Current selection of bod(y/ies) parameters.
  • World visulisation.
Commandes :

In the World visualisation window:
  • Left click : Select bodies, create joint, create body, depending on the mode
  • Middle Click :
  • Right Click : Select the body.
  • WheelMouse : Allow to change mode (display in the upper right corner of the visu window) :

    • Create_Body : Create a body. Its size will the mouse drag distance. You can create : Box, circle, gear, ...
    • Edit_Body : Click left select body and display his properties on the parameters frame.
    • Create_Joint : Link bodies together with the selected joints. (Distance, basic, spring, ...)
    • Fountaint : Create a lot of body while dragging mouse boutton left.
    • Fountain_Linked : Create a lot of body while dragging mouse boutton left. These bodies are connected together with the selected link type. (you can create chain, monkeybridge, ...)
Demos downloads :

tu as aussi les fichier .DAT a telecharger (y'a un rar) Here.